Join us for 4 days of hope, teaching and networking

Join us on the top of Denmark - we are getting ready with an amazing Permaculture programme - check updates below - presenting workshops in the areas of

  • Permaculture Farming
  • Permaculture abroard, working on farms or working with Cisu projects in Ukraine and Uganda.
  • Also, Please welcome this years guest speaker Alfred Decker, who will be doing workshops and talks on relevant topics on sharing our Permaculture experience.
  • We will also work practical project both with water, clay wall and pond and forest layers.

There will be morning movements, yoga and evening works as well

Music is booked and we are looking forward to enjoy amazing music in the forest, both friday and saturday evening.

Thursday we are pleased to welcome Isabelle Denaro med filmen Landbrugets Natur, The Nature of Farming plus discussion afterwards

There will be special welcome and workshops for kids - both with and without their parents. This year as last year, we are pleased to present Lykkeskole - specializing in working with children through nature.

The sauna will be hot each evening.

Join us for a festival of plenty

Day tickets available now


Do you not have time to join us for the whole weekend we offer day tickets.

𝐅𝐫𝐢𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐭

You can join us for a whole day friday August 2nd and arrive on thursday.

𝐒𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐭

You can also join us an saturday for the whole programme and stay until sunday.

When you buy the day ticket you are welcome to stay the night mentioned in your own tent or in a dorm. Bring your own sleeping equipment.

Programme - 4 days with Permaculture

- with 35 workshops, practical projects, music, childrens activities.

The Programme draft is available - some changes might appear

Check out the

programme description

and workshop facilitator bio

for the different days here:





Pls note that we will also have 'Open Space' workshops sunday arranged by you, the festival participants. We will put up posters for anyone who wants to make a workshop.

Also a few of the workshops in the programme needs you to book a seat. Pls. read up on this and prepare to sign up at arrival.

Workshop for children

Lykkeskole at Himmelbjerggården

Children of all ages are welcome at the festival - this year you can join the School of Happiness on specific hours during the day. The programme will be shared as soon as it’s ready.


School of Happiness is a free learning environment, where participants of all ages unite over, learning to be happy, increase our ability to act, creativity and speed of thought, and beautify our surroundings. 

No more Volenteer applications needed

Please contact Fie on if you have questions. We are happy so many were interested in being volenteers at The Nordic Permaculture festival 2024 - thank you for your interest. 

See you at the festival in August.

Together with our collaborators we create the festival

We are so greatful to work together with these amazing organizations

We are confident that these organizations have the answers to the worlds largest social, climate and environmental problems.

The Nordic Permaculture Festival Prices

Ordinary Ticket

Ticket cost 1495 kr

Ticket includes food, tent or sleeping hall, workshops, market, food and yoga


Children 0-3 yrs are free

Children 3 - 13 yrs are 750 kr

14+ participate as adults


Rooms available through Himmelbjerggården

Single room 750 kr / night

Shared room 550 kr / night

Volenteeshop and teachers

Do you have questions about workshops pls contact Ruth Marie

We are looking forward to seeing you for a sunny amazing Nordic festival

Transport to and from


Himmelbjergvej 11, 8660 Ry, Denmark


Do you wish to help someone get to the festival or are you looking for a ride please put your contacts in the car pool sheet.


Do you wish to travel with other fellow festival participants, Max has made a Facebook group for you to find other travellers. Maybe even to arrive before or join in a small holiday afterwards.  Please check Max's Facebook group is here


Himmelbjerggården offers free parking for festival participants by the entrance from the road.

Do you have a caravan, pls notify us so we can help you place it during the festival.

The parking lot is not for caravans.


The closest train station is Ry train station.

From Ry you might walk the 6 km to Himmelbjerggården or you might want to book a flex taxi.

Also you can ask for a ride from fellow participants through the car pool sheet.


Check in is at the main building thurday 1st from 15h - 17h

Are you arriving at another time, pls find the cafe where you can get your wrist band and check in.

Thank you for sponsoring The Nordic Permaculture Festival 2024

Bring your own cutlery

We suggest you bring your own cutlery and thereby help bring down the work load of the festival.

The work behind a festival is quite big - but how can you help with the different jobs as a paticipant?

Bring your own cutlery is an initiative brought to us by Lykkeskole - a suggestion to bring attention to the workload around meals.

Other ways of helping out

  • Collect garbage laying around and sorting it in the bins
  • Collect cutlery laying around and bring it to the kitchen
  • We might need help with washing the dishes - if you have a bit of time, please come by the kitchen after a meal
  • If you see someone who might need help with direction or otherwise, pls assist or bring them to the café
  • Tell the festival team if you see or experience something which can be done more practical

We are looking forward to seeing you at the festival 

See you

August 1st to 4th 2024

The Nordic Permaculture Festival